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Mike Huckaby graduated from Cooley High School and landed his first DJ gig in 1988 via Detroit fashion designer and party promoter Maurice Malone. He soon began to play and take on residencies at spots like Motor Lounge, Panacea, St. Andrew’s Hall, and the Majestic Cafe. He became well known in Detroit, by refining the tastes of the dance music community while serving as manager and buyer at the legendary Roseville record shop, Record Time, throughout the ’90s.

His minimal deep house bridged the gap between House Music and Detroit Techno and his growing influence led him to be selected to play in the first Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) in 2000. By 2002, Huckaby launched his own Deep Transportation label, and its sub-label S Y N T H.

Mike’s unique production techniques, and obsessive attention to the details of sound creation along with his incredible sampling skills led him to be well respected as a sound designer and remixer. His in-depth knowledge of production synthesizer programming, music production software, and sound design, enabled him to carve out a niche lecturing globally.

Huckaby was an educator who not only influenced the global musical community but he also believed in reached back into his community helping young musicians and beat makers in Detroit, by teaching courses on Ableton other digital music production software at Youthville. He programmed sounds and lead workshops for Native Instruments. He also taught masterclasses to packed rooms at the Red Bull Music Academy in Detroit. In 2019, Huckaby traveled to eight countries, performing more than 40 shows. He was also scheduled to take the stage in the 2020 Movement festival.

When Mike unexpectedly passed due to a stroke and complications due to COVID 19 he left a huge void in the Detroit music community that will be hard to fill. His influence on multiple generations of musicians, producers, and sound designers is a legacy that will live on in the hearts and minds of dance music lovers around the world.

Resident Advisor Mike Huckaby Mix

A Detroit favourite plays his favourite house records.


This is a special edition of the Music and Power with Ron Trent, dedicated to his dear friend and comrade Mike Huckaby
New York Times

Remembering Mike Huckaby, a Towering Figure in Detroit House Music

The death of the Detroit house-music D.J. and producer Mike Huckaby on Friday, at 54, sent a shock wave through the music community he called home. Huckaby — who died from complications of a stroke and Covid-19 at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit’s Royal Oak...

Kyle Hall reflects on Mike Huckaby’s Legend

Musically, he set a template. He was so consistent. That's what I think when I think of Mike Huckaby. It's very functional. He's serious about it. And he collected records, he was serious about that too! I was making music on my own [when I started studying under Huckaby at YouthVille aged 13], but he exposed me to other methodologies, other ways of doing things and different software. There was always something to learn from what he had to say...

Remembering Mike Huckaby: Ten Tracks and One Mix

To anyone who knew his music, Mike Huckaby was pure Detroit, a DJ and producer who easily found common ground between dubby techno and smooth deep house (plus, when the occasion called for it, hip-hop, disco and the music of Sun Ra). To the people who knew him...

Resident Advisor RIP Mike Huckaby Video

A giant of a man, deeply loved by all who knew him. Mike's life was all about music. Please listen to his tracks and his DJ mixes.

Detroit Dance Music Legend Mike Huckaby Dead at 54

Mike Huckaby, the legendary Detroit DJ, label head, sound designer, and educator, has died, according to his booking agency CONNECT Bookings. “One of the greatest DJs and producers in the history of electronic dance music. An incredible human being,” the agency stated...
Detroit Free Press

Mike Huckaby, influential Detroit techno-house DJ and instructor, dies at 54

DJ Mike Huckaby, whose soulful, studied work made him one of the prominent early figures in Detroit techno and house music, died Friday after a lengthy hospitalization following a stroke. He was 54.....
Detroit Metro Times

Detroit techno pioneer Mike Huckaby dies at 54 from complications from a stroke and COVID-19

Mike Huckaby, a pillar of Detroit techno and an internationally renowned beatmaker, died Friday. He was 54 years old. Huckaby suffered a stroke early last month, after which point...

DJ Mike Huckaby Called Detroit Home. His Music Moved People Around the World

Whether it was helping you pick out the perfect 12” at the former Record Time record store, where Huckaby was a longtime buyer and curator of the record store’s ‘dance room,’ or bringing the sound of Detroit to clubs in Berlin and abroad....

Mike Huckaby, Influential Detroit Techno & House DJ, Dies at 54

Mike Huckaby, an influential DJ in the Detroit techno and house music scene, died Friday (April 24) after a lengthy hospitalization stemming from a stroke. He was 54.....
Detroit News

Detroit DJ Mike Huckaby remembered as a generous spirit and kind soul

The cause of death is reportedly complications of stroke and COVID-19, according to a statement on social media from fellow DJ Delano Smith. ....
DJ Mag

Detroit deep house legend Mike Huckaby has died

Last night (24th April), members of the international dance music community took to social media to extend tributes to the influential deep house figurehead, after news of his passing was shared by longstanding Detroit promoter, Adriel Thornton, who Tweeted on behalf of Huckaby’s family....

We’ve lost Detroit legend Mike Huckaby, a singular producer, DJ, and teacher

What makes this loss especially stinging is that Mike Huckaby was a force in giving music and production to others. He was not only a leader with his own musical voice, but someone who built others up around him, and was teaching a new generation of Detroit kids......